Hi, I am Simone the founder and owner of Activate Inner Strength Pilates. My boutique Pilates Studio in Palmwoods, is designed to offer you an escape to focus on your physical and mental health and well-being with the support of professional instructors to motivate, inspire and educate you.

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I first discovered Pilates through a home based studio in Mackay and from my first session I was hooked. From a young age I was passionate about health and fitness, and grew up in a very health conscious and active family, exposed to a wide variety of different sports and physical pursuits, with my own father working as a Personal Trainer. Crossfit, running, spin classes, yoga, bodypump, HIIT training, weights, you name it I tried it. Pilates though offered more, showed me more, and challenged me more. The philosophy and methodology provided something I had not experienced before. I considered myself to be “strong” but Pilates challenged my body at a new level. Working the deep intrinsic muscles, challenging and correcting posture, and emphasising correct positioning, so each exercise was done with the best technique with maximal effect. There is nowhere you can hide in Pilates and I love that. I know when I am practicing Pilates, especially in a small group setting, you will be guided to challenge your body in the correct way, avoiding unnecessary strain on joints and muscles, building strength and stamina.


Hi my name is Natasha, I grew up in Central California and decided nursing was not for me. I then decided to move to Australia to work with a youth organisation called Youth With a Mission when I was 19. My six month trip turned into a bit more of nine years.

After doing my work with YWAM I started working in the surfing world. Jobs included: coaching, traveling and filming athletes on the WQS tour. We had to travel, and we did big days. It was after a long flight to America that I found pilates and a big bad back problem. I went to see a clinical pilates teacher, and she had my back better before my flight back to Australia. I was impressed.

I started my clinical training with Breathe Education back in 2016 and graduated in 2018. I always desire to give my clients that first encounter that I had with my teacher: someone who was going to help me move again, and move better. My vision in teaching is always to help people move in a way that heals them, but also gives them a place to work, process, and have fun. I always say that pilates/moving is a biopsychosocial thing, and that’s just good for us in every way.
I’m looking forward to meeting all of you great members of our AIS community!

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After my first Pilates class ( with AIS) I knew what I wanted to do in my life.
I came to AIS to improve my pelvic floor after having children, I could not laugh or sneeze without concern.

Pilates has helped me in my breath to connect to my body. Getting older I also needed to reduce the risk of injury and strengthen my core with my everyday activities . I am a Massage Therapist and Clinical and holistic Counsellor and Pilates has complimented these modalities to bring wellness in mind body and soul. I love how Pilates brings us to the now through our body. I am honoured to bring the concepts of Joseph Pilates to those who are looking for total body awareness.

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I was born New Plymouth, New Zealand and grew up involved in Ballet and Athletic Sports of all kinds.

Through my career I have
Taught Ballet for 40+years – teaching bodies to move safely in and out of normal range of movement.
Studied Anatomy and Physiology which led to teaching VCE and VET Dance.


In the last 18 years, worked for Physiotherapists in exercise for rehab and extension work for patients.
Along the way adding more studies to my tool box – Aerial Pilates, Booty Barre, Cardiolates, Bowen Therapy, EFT(Tapping), Sports Nutrition, ABFE Prescribing, Kinesiology and Aromatouch Massage to name a few.

I have a passion for Postural Physiology and Sports Specific Exercising and Body Balancing at all levels.
I believes that people should not just follow an exercise regime – to get the most benefit from it, you need to understand what is happening in your body.

“Communication and Education are paramount for the client/patient.”

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