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Hi, I am Simone the founder and owner of Activate Inner Strength Pilates. My boutique Pilates Studio in Palmwoods, is designed to offer you an escape to focus on your physical and mental health and well-being with the support of professional instructors to motivate, inspire and educate you.

I first discovered Pilates through a home based studio in Mackay and from my first session I was hooked. From a young age I was passionate about health and fitness, and grew up in a very health conscious and active family, exposed to a wide variety of different sports and physical pursuits, with my own father working as a Personal Trainer. Crossfit, running, spin classes, yoga, bodypump, HIIT training, weights, you name it I tried it. Pilates though offered more, showed me more, and challenged me more. The philosophy and methodology provided something I had not experienced before. I considered myself to be “strong” but Pilates challenged my body at a new level. Working the deep intrinsic muscles, challenging and correcting posture, and emphasising correct positioning, so each exercise was done with the best technique with maximal effect. There is nowhere you can hide in Pilates and I love that. I know when I am practicing Pilates, especially in a small group setting, you will be guided to challenge your body in the correct way, avoiding unnecessary strain on joints and muscles, building strength and stamina.

After practicing Pilates for a few years my passion grew to the point I decided to leave my well paying job in order to train, qualify and pursue sharing Pilates with others. Because, Pilates as I have experienced it, can not only add and extend the physical and emotional well-being, it has astounding benefits for a mature body in building and maintaining functional strength, and strengthening through body stresses created by diseases, injury, and pregnancy.

I completed my Nationally Recognised Training of Diploma in Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology and started teaching classes and privates across 3 different studios on the Sunshine Coast. I have also attained certification for TRX training, Barre, Anatomy & Stretching and additional training in Pre and Post Natal pilates.

I am very passionate about what I do, I’ve seen the benefits first hand of people I’ve trained and how happy it makes them.

It motivates me to sit down with you, listen to your needs and work together so we can strive towards your targets together.

I love Pilates because it is for everyone. If you have any doubt Pilates may not be able to help you, I encourage you to come and try it out and let me show you how rewarding this methodology is and how it can improve your life.

Introduction Deal

3 x 1hr Private Pilates Sessions for $179

3 x 1hr Private Sessions with instructor
1 x Postural Assessment
Introduction to pre-pilates exercises and methodolgy
Assessment of your restrictions and modifications if needed
Instructions of equipment use

NEW 4 Week Challenges

Various Dates
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4 Weeks Unlimited Classes, specially designed HIIT classes for the challenge, Pre & Post assessments to record your progress, access to private Facebook group with support & weekly tips.


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