Our Pre and Post Natal classes are held twice a week for a small group with a maximum of 4 clients. This small group allows for the undivided attention and support you need from the instructor while exercising in a safe way whilst pregnant or postpartum. The classes are specially designed to work on the elements you need to support a healthy and happy pregnancy and to aid a speedy recovery.

Why is Pilates important Pre and Post Pregnancy?

When you are Pregnant the body goes through various changes including:

  • Musculoskeletal changes – Posture, abdominals and laxity
  • Cardiovascular changes – increased heart rate, blood pressure and volume
  • Respiratory changes – breathing patterns
  • Hormonal changes

Pilates can support these changes by:

  • Improving posture, reducing backaches
  • Developing awareness of changes at each trimester and develop correct techniques while exercising and or moving the body in everyday life safely
  • Breathing techniques for labour and helping the respiratory changes
  • Pelvic floor and abdominal strength and conditioning, along with working on repairing any abdominal separation after the birth
  • Strengthening and toning upper and lower body
  • Prevention of common pathologies – e.g. sciatica, instable pelvis, sacroiliac joint pain pain and fatigue

Pilates will help you “build movement and strength around a changing body”. It will help avoid postural imbalance, and developing cramped and weak musculature. It will also support a fast recovery to re-balance, build strength and attain the energy required for motherhood.

As safety is high priority for our clients you will need to attain a clearance letter from your treating doctor to start Pilates. If you have had a caesarean you will need to wait for your 6 week checkup to commence. If you had an uncomplicated delivery you may start as soon as you feel ready.

Pelvic Floor exercises can be started as soon as you feel ready after the birth.

Introduction Deal

3 x 1hr Private Pilates Sessions for $179

3 x 1hr Private Sessions with instructor
1 x Postural Assessment
Introduction to pre-pilates exercises and methodolgy
Assessment of your restrictions and modifications if needed
Instructions of equipment use

NEW 4 Week Challenges

Various Dates
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4 Weeks Unlimited Classes, specially designed HIIT classes for the challenge, Pre & Post assessments to record your progress, access to private Facebook group with support & weekly tips.


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